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  • MobileMusic
    Sound Design using Roland Fantom
    by MobileMusic
    Sound Design Tutorials on Fantom by Antony Mapplethorpe

    Tone Design - part 1

    Tone Design - part 2

    VA Tone Design

    More -
    02-23-2021, 11:10 AM
  • MobileMusic
    Roland Fantom v2.10 with FREE Model Expansions!
    by MobileMusic
    Fantom v2.10 firmware update with FREE Model Expansions for JX-8P, SH-101, JUNO-106, and JUPITER-8 (worth $600) extending the sound spectrum of the Fantom series extremely - either alone as a classic emulation or in combination with other sounds, the possibilities are endless!

    How to install v2.10 and Model Expansions

    Model Expansions for Roland FANTOM Synthesizers (FANTOM 6, FANTOM 7, FANTOM 8)

    More -
    02-23-2021, 10:56 AM
  • MobileMusic
    Free Gear Courses from Roland Cloud Academy
    by MobileMusic
    Free Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced courses on several Roland gear every month - including the new Fantom (2019), MC-101, MC-707 and more...

    [click on image for full size version in a new window - click on opened image again to expand]

    Fantom sets the bar very high for user interface and usability and is a workstation benchmark. Its controller, sequencer, audio interface, extensive connectivity, sound engines, free model expansions, mode-less software and powerful workflow are the best. For instance, the SuperNatural engine can play in legato and also poly based on behaviors of how many keys we use simultaneously. V-Piano is a beast of an engine that offers a heap of real "Piano" settings like "How much the Lid is open" to tweak and sounds better than many acoustic Pianos with smooth velocity transitions as per some pro Pianists. Fantom may not have all the features...
    02-23-2021, 04:09 AM
  • MobileMusic
    Audible Genius Modernized Music Lessons
    by MobileMusic
    Building Blocks by Audible Genius
    Online Music Production & Composition Course

    Modernized Music Theory
    Along with interactive ear training, the Building Blocks online music production course covers relevant and useful aspects of music theory. And rather than use the centuries-old music staff, lessons take place in the Note Grid.

    Learning ear training and music theory in the Note Grid is crucial for software-based musicians. Our Note Grid is modeled after the Piano Roll, a note editing interface found in today's most popular DAWs. You'll be learning how to compose music in the same environment that you use to create music.

    There'll be no need to translate the theory you've learned from music staff to DAW. Instead, everything you learn will be immediately applicable to your every-day music-making process.

    BUILDING BLOCKS - Learn how to Write Music in a DAW

    BUILDING BLOCKS - Walkthrough
    02-23-2021, 04:03 AM
  • MobileMusic
    🎹🎢🎡 Olivia Rodrigo - Drivers License (Lyrics) - Piano Sheet Music Tutorial
    by MobileMusic
    The MOST ACCURATE tutorial with Lead with Lyrics, Drums & Sheet Music - #MobileMusic

    Original song -

    02-21-2021, 12:19 PM