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Updating my studio with Roland FANTOM Workstation Synthesizer

Angel and the BEAST

My post on Roland FANTOM - Roland FANTOM Flagship Workstation Synthesizer Keyboard

Roland's way of putting together panels on synthesizers is logical, intuitive and easy to work with. All the controls are in the right places for performance ability. The controls are programmable and assignable for anything we want - offering extensive control over what we are doing and providing an incredibly flexible platform for sound design, studio work and live performance....

Roland FANTOM Flagship Workstation Synthesizer Keyboard

My article on Roland FANTOM - Updating my studio with Roland Fantom Workstation

Top Reasons to Buy the Roland Fantom! | Overview

4 partials per tone
Each partial has its own oscillator, filter, amplifier, envelopes, effects, 2 LFOs...
16 tones per scene (16 layered instruments simultaneously)

=> Each scene can have up to 64 oscillators and 128 LFOs!
(it has 4 chips to process and do all that heavy lifting without glitching or crackling - one chip dedicated entirely to V-Piano engine)

128 Scenes x 4 Banks => 512 scenes total

NOTE: Synthesizers have a meter reading showing when it is maxing out on memory. Well, Roland eliminated the meter from Fantom saying that it will never have the issue of maxing out on resources.

2GB internal memory to store our samples and tones.

Interactive large 7” touch-screen workstation


🎹🎡 Dynamite BTS Advanced Piano Tutorial with Sheet Music #MobileMusic

🎹🎡 Dynamite BTS Advanced Piano Tutorial with Sheet Music #MobileMusic

This is the advanced version with accurate melody -

Original song -


🎹πŸ₯πŸŽΈ Blinding Lights ADVANCED FULL Piano Tutorial (Long Form) #MobileMusic

Check this one out - ADVANCED & FULL version song (Long Form) Tutorial with accurate melody and Video FX -
  • Accurate melody
  • Key change
  • Tempo change
  • Micro-Tuning
  • Video FX...

Original song -


CUBASIS: Make Producing Music EASIER (150+ issues & suggestions)

I made over 150 issues & suggestions to also improve the UX.

Vote on your desired features or add your own needs -


🎹🎸πŸ₯ Dance Monkey ADVANCED Piano Tutorial

COMPLETE advanced tutorial with Lead, Chords, Bass, Drums and more...

This is the advanced version with ACCURATE melody!

Original song -


StaffPad review and issues

StaffPad was a super-hit app on Surface tablets -

And when they brought the app to iPadOS, I watched the 3 hour inspiring and very beautiful video by the founder and bought it immediately -

Dynamics and Articulation tools (Tile-bar) -

Mixer and Effects for staves -



StaffPad app

I was using Pencil 2 mostly in LumaFusion and Cubasis so far but this...

iPad Pro Buying Guide

Confused whether to go for 11" or 12.9" iPad Pro?

I bought both these sizes in 2018, used them for over a month and evaluated their usabilities. I wrote a detailed article comparing both editions here -

Hope this helps...

What do you guys think and what are your experiences with these sizes?


PS: Apple seems to be working on a 12" iPad Pro this year. If this is real, more work for developers again optimizing their apps -

Check out my posting here -

Online DAW apps

Audio Tool - optimal & modular design, FREE and the BEST -

More -

SoundTrap from Spotify

SoundTrap Capture iOS app -

Chrome Music Lab


Chrome Browser -

Flash Player -

Amped Studio (buggy) -

Synth app:

Do you have any other online DAW apps to share?

Scoring / Composition app:

The Best iOS DAW?

Do you have a favorite and Why?
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    Hey, there!

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