In celebration of Diwali, GeoShred Play will be free until Nov 18, 2020.

GeoShred Play is a preset player for GeoShred Presets. GeoShred Play is a great way to get started with GeoShred, and it can upgraded to include the new GeoSWAM instruments, It can also be upgraded to the full functionality of GeoShred Pro including MIDI/MPE, AUv3 Plugin and iCloud support. iOS 11.4 or greater is required.

GeoSWAM Instrument Upgrade

The GeoSWAM Instruments are beautifully inspired physically modeled instruments, including GeoViolin, GeoFlute, GeoTenorSax, GeoCello, GeoClarinet, and GeoOboe, all powered by Audio Modeling's SWAM technology. These instruments are available as In-App-Purchases (IAPs), for $14.99USD**

The GeoSWAM instruments are awesome to play from GeoShred's isomorphic keyboard, and you can also play them from other expressive MPE controllers like the LinnStrument or the Roli Seaboard.